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EP189: Where Should You Send Your Tithe? Alex Answers a Listeners Question on Tithing, and Shares His Thoughts (Which May Surprise You)

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Alex received some great feedback about his episode on tithing and received a listener question seeking advice as to where is the best place to tithe. The church or someplace else? To be honest, Alex doesn’t always tithe to the church, but he offers some advice as to how you can best approach how you give back to God.


Key Takeaways:

  • Thank you so much for listening to the show. Please keep giving Alex feedback!
  • Alex recently received a question about tithing.
  • Alex has gone through different variations of tithing.
  • You have to tithe the way you feel is best. Talk to mentors to help you decide how much money should go to tithing and where it should go.
  • For example, Alex doesn’t always send his money to the church.
  • Alex created a vision video for himself and his family.
  • What can a $30 million dollar mansion do for you?

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Episode 183: Alex Talks About The Impact Tithing Has Had on His Life, Being a Good Steward of Money, & Trusting In God

Book Recommendation: The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance, by Edwene Gaines



“When God blesses you with money or anything, you want to send that back out and you want to help.”

“Seek out spiritual mentors on tithing, but ultimately that’s a conversation you need to have with God.”

“Listen to your gut and intuition. I believe that’s God tapping you on your shoulder.”

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