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EP014: Rob Swanson – Painting the Bigger Picture for Your Real Estate Business

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Rob Swanson has been actively wholesaling real estate for almost 20 years. He loves to teach new and experienced real estate investors how easy it is to get into the wholesaling business and scale it to the next level. This episode, Rob talks about his strategy, the entrepreneur’s trap, and cautions new investors to really take a step back and be aware of the risks they are making.


Key Takeaways:

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How did Rob get into entrepreneurship and real estate?

Rob talks about the ‘entrepreneur’s trap’ quadrant formula.

People get confused between the meaning of residual vs. passive income.

What are the private lenders doing financially that allows them to lend Rob the money?

Rob changed the questions he was asking himself and started thinking from a different perspective how to scale his business.

Rob and Alex talk about FreedomSoft.

How do real estate investors move within the entrepreneur’s trap quadrant?

People often approach this business with a buy/hold strategy. Rob does it differently.

We’re in a hot market right now. The rents are going up.

People are making a lot of money right now, but be careful, there could be a crash coming soon.

Step back, take risks, but make intelligent risks. Don’t go all in.

How do investors hedge against a real estate crash?

Last piece of advice? Build an audience first.


Mentioned in This Episode:

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A lot of times people confuse the idea of residual and passive.

We made a lot of money because we had structured our fund right.

From 2013 till today, the markets have been doing but heating up.

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