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EP077: Ninja Tips To Master Cold Calling (Sellers)

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Alex has learned some fantastic things from John Martinez on how to master the cold call. You can look forward to his 2-part interview in the next coming weeks, but for now, Alex shares what he’s learned on how to reach out to that homeowner in a friendly way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alex talks about the masterclass he did with Mark Evans.
  • Look out for next week’s episode with John Martinez. You are going to get some valuable giveaways!
  • People have so much fear around cold calling.
  • When calling, introduce yourself as quickly as possible.
  • Always assume you’ve reached the right person when cold calling.
  • Alex shares an example of how you could start the call.
  • Don’t sound too corporate or too formal. You’re calling your friend!
  • Alex shares another example of how to start the call on a vacant property.
  • When you cold call, you’re going to get some objections/skepticism/questions. Alex shares some rebuttals and tips on how to stay on track.
  • These tactics can apply to any niche.


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We get a phone call and it’s obvious that it’s a cold call. What happens? Our guard goes up.

Always assume you’ve reached the right person.

First thing you want to do is identify who you are and why you’re calling as quickly as possible.


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