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EP082: How Bryan Harris Makes $200K+ a Month (Without Direct Mail)

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Bryan Harris is a real estate rockstar with tons of energy! Three years ago Bryan was broke as broke can be. Now, he makes over $200K a month with his real estate business. Bryan attributes his success to mindset, visualization, and pure energy. What he couldn’t make up in his marketing budget, he made up in his energy budget. This episode goes a little longer than usual, but it’s worth it! Find out the inner workings of Bryan’s business on this week’s show!


Key Takeaways:

  • Alex knows the words ‘Crushing it’ are so overused, but Bryan seriously is crushing it!
  • Bryan is doing consistent $200,000 months, just by wholesaling!
  • Bryan realized three years ago that he was the cause of everything that’s happening to him.
  • What did Bryan do to get his mindset right?
  • Everyday Bryan visualized about the place he wanted to be.
  • What you put in your subconscious mind really does come back to you, in subtle, but important ways.
  • Don’t think of it, think from it. Use all your senses in your visualization. Smell it. Touch it. Live it.
  • How long does Bryan visualize his end result?
  • What actions did Bryan take to help him grow his business so rapidly?
  • Remember, Bryan started from nothing. He had NO money!
  • What advice does Bryan have for those who don’t have a marketing budget?
  • When did Bryan decide to hire his team?
  • What does Bryan’s team look like today?
  • Bryan is not doing direct mail.
  • What is Bryan’s famous Zillow technique?
  • You gotta just keep slinging mud and something will be bound to stick.


Mentioned in This Episode:

If you’d like to learn more from Bryan $. Harris, and discover exactly how he’s built his wholesaling business, check this out.

Note: Results are not typical, and no one can guarantee your success. This is what worked for Bryan, and many others.



Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.

I consciously made the decision to have my end result readily available. It was the only thing to dominate my brain.

98% of what any great entrepreneur does should be marketing.

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