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EP089: You Have to Adjust to Market Changes

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Alex recently spoke at a mastermind meeting. In his keynote talk, he discussed some of the failures he had to go through, in order to succeed in the business. Alex believes it’s very important to be as transparent as possible, and to not only talk about the good times, but the bad times, too. Today’s real estate market is changing, which means you have to keep on your toes if you want to stay relevant.


Key Takeaways:

  • Be to sure to check out Part 2 of Peter Aquart’s master class! It’s all about passive investing.
  • Alex recently had the opportunity to speak at a mastermind event.
  • In this keynote talk, Alex discussed some of the mistakes he’s made in the past.
  • When you go to the events, people always talk about the big checks, but never talk about their setbacks.
  • Ever since Alex started this podcast, he’s been able to have a deeper connection with you, the listener! Thank you for reaching out and asking your questions!
  • The landscape of the market is changing. Unfortunately, response rates are down in direct-mail marketing.
  • How can you be proactive, and reach out to your list more effectively?
  • Don’t get comfortable!
  • The 80/20 rule really does apply in situations like this.


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Peter’s investors can see anywhere from 10-12% average returns on their money.

If you’re not part of a mastermind, find one that you can connect with. It’s going to elevate your game.

I always strive to be very transparent, and I think that’s something we should all do.


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