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EP107: The May 2017 Income Report

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On this week’s episode, Alex shares some of the behind the scenes to his business. The month of May has generated record high profits and Alex discusses why this month has been so high for him and his team. It all started back in March when he set the expectation of how much money he wanted his business to make.

Key Takeaways:

  • Thank you for sending in your emails! Someone messaged Alex recently thanking him for helping him close his first deal.
  • May has been one of the best months ever for Alex’s business.
  • Remember, we all fall down, but it’s about getting back up again. Make it count.
  • In the month of January, Alex did not close a deal.
  • In March, Alex challenged his team and set a financial expectation for the team to strive for.
  • Total revenue for the month of May? $162,099.85. This was all from 4 deals. Alex spent around $1,803.14 in marketing.
  • You guys can replicate these numbers!
  • Two of the deals came from direct mail. The 3rd deal came from a cold call. The 4th deal came from a joint venture deal.
  • Takeaway #1: You need to have a good mindset with money. You get what you expect.
  • Takeaway #2: Set a goal.
  • Takeaway #3: Get your hands on a specialty list.
  • Takeaway #4: Follow up, Follow up, Follow up!
  • Takeaway #5: Cold call your leads!
  • Takeaway #6: Top of the mind awareness. Don’t just use one way to communicate.


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“Sometimes you know you shouldn’t do something and you still do it anyways.”

“In March, I challenged our team, and I think it was a big driver to what lead to May’s record high numbers.”

“I hope this doesn’t come across bragging in any way. This is not what this episode is about.”


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