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EP130: Darrin Collins on Building and Scaling His Real Estate Business

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Darrin Collins is the President and CEO of Alternative Investment Holdings Inc,. Darrin has been in the real estate industry for the last 15 years. He’s seen both the best of and the worst of the real estate market. Darrin estimates that he will be sending around 1.5 million mailers by the end of this year. On the show, Darrin discusses some of the steps he took to scale his business up, and emphasizes the importance of knowing your market and your data, so you can always be on the ball with high-profit deals.


Key Takeaways:

  • Who is Darrin and what does his business look like today?
  • Darrin had a wife and kids, he was in debt, and he was almost about to become homeless. He managed to climb out of that hole through sheer will and hard work.
  • When you put yourself in the mindset to succeed, and tell yourself there is no room to fail, you begin to put in the work every single day until you see results.
  • What does Darrin’s team look like, and how was he able to scale his business so quickly?
  • Remember, sometimes certain cities at certain times just don’t produce. You’ve got to be flexible.
  • What is Darrin’s rule of thumb on how much of the business should go back into marketing?
  • When you’ve made five deals, start building an avatar around your ideal customer and get yourself in front of that person.
  • The power is in the data you collect on who is buying from you, from where, and why. Collect that data and you’ll be able to get really strategic with your targeting.
  • What does Darrin look for in an employee/team member?
  • A friend is someone who will love you like you are. A coach is someone who will love you for where you’re going to be, and be honest with you on where you are.
  • What are some of the best practices on how to cold call someone on the phone?
  • Darrin offers some advice on how to find out when you’re ready to scale your business up.
  • What does Darrin’s follow up system look like?
  • How does Darrin find his rockstar sales people?
  • What would Darrin tell his 30-year-old self?


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“The main thing in life is consistency. If you want to be successful at anything, just be consistent.”

“There is no such thing as a hole too big or too deep to dig out of. Keep going, don’t stop.”

“You’ve got to be flexible. If you get too rigid, you get trapped into trying to bully a market into producing.”


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