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EP140: Shaun McCloskey on Living a Lifeonaire Lifestyle

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Shaun McCloskey has been a real estate investor since 2001 and is the co-author of the book Lifeonaire, a philosophy not dedicated to money, but to a long-term vision for your life. On today’s show, Alex and Shaun will not be focusing on real estate investing. Instead, they’ll be talking about why having a vision for yourself will make you a happier person. The truth is, being a millionaire will not solve your problems, living a life with purpose will.


Key Takeaways:

  • Are you not happy with a certain area of your life? Don’t miss out on this episode.
  • If you don’t have a vision for your life, then what direction are you going in?
  • Alex discovered Lifeonaire around 4 years ago and has applied a lot of what he has learned into his life.
  • What is a Lifeonaire exactly?
  • For many millionaires, they don’t know how to live a meaningful life beyond their business.
  • What good is making a ton of money if you don’t have anybody to share it with?
  • Lifeonaire isn’t about money, it’s about having your business support your lifestyle.
  • This isn’t to say money is not important because it is. Money does solve problems, but it isn’t the one and final answer to everything.
  • A lot of people can tell you how to build a profitable business, but very few of them can tell you how you can have a life in that process.
  • What holds people back from building their life vision?
  • Facebook can be very, very deceiving.
  • Goal-setting and setting a vision are two very different things.
  • How can you have fun and be present with your family now instead of waiting to blow 10 grand at Disney?
  • Shaun’s father worked himself to death, essentially. He died at 53 years old. That ‘someday’ to spend more time with his family never came for him.
  • The vision you have for your life is more attainable than you think.
  • Alex wanted a beach house, but Shaun took him down a path of ‘why’ seven levels deep. Alex ended up finding out the real ‘why’ he wanted a beach house.
  • Struggling with debt and ‘achieving your dreams’? Then you’ll want to listen to what Shaun has to say on how you can get out of that rat race.
  • If your vision is clear enough, you’ll do unbelievable things like eliminate debt, reduce expenses, and live a much, much better life.
  • What’s the process towards finding your vision?
  • Start with your personal vision first and then build your business plan.
  • Alex highly recommends you go to Amazon and buy the Lifeonaire book and then if it’s peaked your interest, attend a workshop. It’s worth it.


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“If you don’t have a vision for your life, then the business you’re currently in may or may not be serving you.”

“For so many of us, we feel like earning more money is going to be the answer to all of our problems.”

“Very few millionaires are lifeonaires, but many lifeonaires are millionaires.”


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