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EP145: Eliminating the Bottlenecks in Your Business

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In Alex’s recent inner circle meeting, he got some great questions from his members. On today’s show, he discusses why he decided to stop using a call center and what he’s doing to build rapport instead. Also, he offers a couple of ways on how to eliminate bottlenecks in your business and teach your team how to get deals that will lead to profit.


Key Takeaways:

  • Alex has been getting a lot of great questions from the members of the inner circle program he has. Today, he shares a couple of quick questions he’s gotten.
  • Alex, do you use a call center for after hours or do your calls go to voicemail?
  • Hiring a call center was a big fail.
  • Call back the number ASAP. Every hour you miss, the harder it will be to reach the seller again.
  • Next question: How does your acquisitions team come up with a purchase price?
  • When this happens, it usually means there’s a bottleneck somewhere in your business.
  • Acquisitions and sales need to be on the same page, always.
  • You don’t want your team relying too heavily on you in order for the business to function.
  • If you’re getting feedback that you’re property is priced too high, ask your buyers what’s a reasonable price for them. You’re collecting valuable data here.
  • Got any questions for Alex? Feel free to ask him!
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“For years, we were driving our calls to a 24-hour voicemail. Years ago, that was probably working okay.”

“I had a bad experience with call centers personally. I’m sure there are some good ones out there.”

“You gotta look at your business and find out where the bottleneck is happening.”


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