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EP148: Trevor Mauch Dishes Game-changing Advice that can Take Your Business to the Next Level

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This is Trevor Mauch’s second guest appearance on the show. One thing Trevor has realized over the years is people are not utilizing strategy effectively in their marketing campaigns. They’re throwing tactics against the wall and hoping something will stick. You need to have a bigger picture as to why something is working vs. not working. On the show, Trevor discusses marketing strategy and how you can cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you can implement just a few things that Trevor and Alex talked about on the show, you WILL grow your business.
  • Trevor launched his podcast (Carrot Cast) last year, and it is one of Alex’s favorite podcasts that he regularly listens to.
  • If you missed Trevor’s first appearances on the show,  check out the show notes for the link to it.
  • How can we differentiate ourselves from the competition?
  • The problem is people are using tactics that they learned from someone else, but they’re not customizing their strategy for their business and market.
  • You’re in the people business and you are also in the marketing business. Keep track of good marketing materials in your everyday life and analyze why it attracts attention. Build a “swipe file”.
  • What is a good strategy you can adopt that will help cut through the noise?
  • You never want to compete on price. You will become the Walmart of real estate investors.
  • What kinds of things are Trevor’s Carrot clients doing to differentiate themselves?
  • In the vetting/verifying phrase, the customer knows what you can do, but now they’re trying to figure out how credible you are.
  • So many people are using testimonials wrong! Trevor explains why.
  • As the market gets cluttered and there are more solutions available to the seller, the testimonials will either make or break the buying decision.
  • How else can people break out and stand out from the crowd?
  • How can you properly ask for a testimonial? So many people are camera shy.
  • Every business has skeletons in their closet. Most people try to hide them, but this means your prospects will try extra hard to uncover those skeletons. So, what can you do to build trust when you know you have a weakness?
  • Mortgage professionals, real estate professionals, and attorneys are consistently considered and rated the most untrustworthy. It’s not the people working these jobs, it’s the process behind it. They’re not transparent with how they do things so people automatically think they’re being ripped off!
  • Give a step-by-step breakdown of how you came up with your offer to your prospects. Let them see the logic behind it all. This makes them physically see what their property is worth and they won’t feel ripped off with it.
  • How does Trevor help his clients with his software, Carrot?


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I’ve been a customer of Carrot for years and highly recommend them. They provide awesome websites, crazy good customer service, and help you generate more leads: Check them out here.

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This is a solid resource on how to get the most out of testimonials.

Check out to see “How it works.”

How to attract a motivated house seller like a mind reader



“I really challenge everyone to become a student of psychology and a student of marketing.”

“If you’re competing on price, you’re playing a losing game.”

“In your testimonials, you always want to have how the people changed by working with you. The before and the after.”


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