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EP152: The Flip Empire Inner Circle (Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek)

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Instead of a masterclass, Alex shares a Flip Empire Inner Circle recording on this week’s show! Take a behind-the-scenes look as to what he talks about within his group and the advice he offers to his members. At the end of each call, inner circle members get the opportunity to ask Alex direct questions about how they can improve their wholesaling business. Today, Alex discusses how he plans to step up his unique selling proposition and stand out from the other wholesale competitors in his area.


Key Takeaways:

  • Alex launched The Flip Empire Inner Circle about 2-3 months ago.
  • For today’s show, Alex releases an audio recording of what goes on in the group!
  • What makes Alex and his team different from all the other wholesalers in his market?
  • Instead of hiding the skeletons in the closet, why don’t we be more transparent with our customers?
  • Turn your weakness into a strength.
  • Alex is currently redefining his unique selling proposition.
  • Think about how your sellers perceive you and what you can do to really stand out from the other wholesalers in your town.
  • Most sellers are lumping all of us into one big category and do not understand the subtle industry differences.
  • Even when Alex and his team don’t close a house, they still send personalized thank you letters to those sellers.
  • Alex spends some time doing Q&A with his inner circle members.


The Flip Empire Inner Circle

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“What if we took those skeletons out of the closet and just made them dance in front of the seller?”

“In other words, let’s turn what a lot of people perceive to be a weakness into a strength.”

“Think about how your sellers perceive you and what you can do to really stand out from … wholesalers in your town.”


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