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EP162: Adrian Nez on How to Balance Your Life and Grow Your Business — Part 1

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Adrian Nez is a real estate investor and works with Trevor Mauch at Investor Carrot. He is an expert at online lead generation and conversion optimization. On today’s episode, Alex decided to split Adrian’s interview into two parts. This first part dives into Adrian’s personal journey. He reveals that he stopped trusting in God when he became successful and that was a big, big mistake. The second episode dives into Adrian’s expertise, inbound marketing, and how he uses it to grow his business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adrian shares his story on this week’s episode and really get personal with some of the mistakes he’s made. This is why Alex has broken the interview up into two parts.
  • Part 1 will dive into Adrian’s journey and how to structure balance in your life and part 2 will be diving into how you can grow your business through inbound marketing.
  • Who is Adrian and how did he get into real estate?
  • Adrian’s inbound marketing career started at Investor Carrot, which is Trevor Mauch’s company (Trevor has been a guest on the show).
  • Anytime you serve, you’re sowing seeds for your future.
  • When you have faith in God, He will always deliver.
  • It wasn’t easy for Adrian to pack up and move to West Virginia, but he knew he had a calling and God was sending him a message. He believes sometimes people ignore those messages because they’re afraid of the unknown. You need to have faith He will take care of you.
  • With that being said, Adrian was working very hard and he began to lose focus on what really mattered. The relationship with his wife ended up suffering for it.
  • Unless you keep a solid relationship with God, everything else begins to crumble and that was Adrian’s downfall. He stopped trusting in God.
  • Adrian trusted Him when he didn’t know where to go, but then when success came his way, he lost his way.
  • It’s important to surround yourself with the right people who share your same values and understand what it’s like running a business.
  • It’s also important to be transparent about the struggles you’re going through. It helps others not feel ‘so alone.’
  • Sometimes people don’t share these personal struggles because they feel as though they need to think positive, but Adrian admits that’s just not the reality for people going through hard times. You gotta talk about it and get support.
  • Adrian highly recommends watching the ESPN documentary about Ric Flair. His passion ended up being his disease. Any business owner can relate to Ric’s story.
  • Find a mentor that’s 2-3 years ahead of you. They can still teach you what they’re great at because it’s so fresh for them.
  • Don’t let your ambition and vision be turned into a curse 20 or 30 years down the line.

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“Anytime you serve, you’re sowing seeds into your future.”


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