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EP185: Screw Perfection, Be Intentional, and Strive for Growth

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Alex has three quick takeaways from this week’s show. He has seen a lot of growth happening in his business over the last 90 days to the point where it’s almost surprising how much you can really get done in just 3 months. Alex is also increasing his direct-mail campaigns by about 4-5 times and with that comes some new challenges. On this week’s show, Alex offers some simple reminders so that you don’t get complacent about your success.


Key Takeaways:

  • There is so much you can accomplish in a three-month period. Be intentional and do the work.
  • Don’t strive for perfection, strive to be better.
  • Stop following someone else’s success story. Social media can be deceiving.
  • Stick to the basics. The fundamentals aren’t sexy, but they’ll get you to where you need to go.
  • Alex is now 4 to 5X-ing his direct-mail campaign, and with that comes some challenges.
  • When Alex was growing up, he wanted to become a professional athlete. From his father to his coaches, they would all break it down and focus on the basics so that he could get better.
  • Go back to the basics and just be consistent with it!

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“Sometimes you don’t realize how much you’ve been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.”

“Don’t strive for perfection, strive to get better. Perfection doesn’t exist.”

“Surround yourself with the right people on your team. Without that, it’s going to be hard to achieve sustainable success.”

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