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EP192: How Bryan Schroeder Flipped 143 Deals in 2017, Amassed 136 Properties in his Rental Portfolio, and Built a Successful Lending Business…

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Bryan Schroeder has been flipping houses full-time for the last 15 years and has also been in the rental business for the last 12 years. Recently, he has gotten into lending and loves it more than the other two business! When Bryan quit his full-time job to get into real estate, he was raising five children (with the youngest being one month old), how on earth did Bryan do it? On today’s episode, Bryan breaks down his two main business and explains how he’s made his lending business easy to handle and incredibly enjoyable to run.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bryan and his team did 143 flips and they own 136 rental properties and he has a lending business.
  • Bryan loves being in lending compared to flipping and rentals.
  • How did Bryan first get started in real estate?
  • Was it easy for Bryan to make the switch to real estate investing full-time?
  • Over a 12-year period, Bryan kept about one rental a month. How did Bryan structure his finances to do that?
  • How was Bryan able to grow both his flipping and rental business at the same time?
  • The BRRRR Method Explained
  • Why does Bryan like his lending business the most?
  • How does Bryan screen his investors?
  • In the last 2.5 years Bryan has been lending, none of his investors have defaulted.
  • Where does Bryan think the market is going right now?
  • What advice would Bryan give his 25-year-old self?


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“We got a good flipping business going, which allowed us to start cherry picking some of the best deals to keep as rentals.”

“I am always looking for our borrows to succeed and make money.”

“Just enjoy the journey, man. Be present every day.”

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