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EP210: Dave Payerchin Shares How to Buy Turnkey Properties to Achieve True Passive Wealth

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Dave Payerchin is the co-founding partner of Columbus Turnkey Houses. He’s been in this business since 2005 and started out as a buy-and-hold investor. On today’s show, he shares what you need to know before buying your first turnkey property. Don’t get suckered into buying from someone who is just a middleman finding properties on the MLS, you’re not going to get good cash returns!


Key Takeaways:

  • Dave shares a little bit about himself and his business.
  • Dave and his business partner started this business as landlords first (buy and hold), so they’ve become very familiar with landlord and tenant laws.
  • What is a turnkey property?
  • Who are Dave’s clients typically?
  • Key point: If you’re looking to buy a turnkey property, make sure you work with someone who has managed the rehab and tenant placement. Don’t work with middleman parties who just find deals from the MLS!
  • Dave explains the difference between A, B, and C class properties and why they matter for turnkey.
  • What property class makes sense to pursue in a case like this?
  • Never buy a property if it doesn’t come with an inspection report. Get a third party, licensed, inspection report!
  • Make sure you know who is managing your property. You want to keep your turnkey provider accountable.

Mentioned in This Episode:

If you are interested in Turnkey Houses in Columbus, OH, check out Dave and RJ’s company here:
Email Dave at



“We seek opportunities to add and create value and we fill those needs.”

“Never buy a property if it doesn’t come with an inspection report.”

“I encourage people to stay away from buying properties at seminars and hotel ballrooms.”


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