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EP260: Ryan Robson Travels 120 Days out of the Year While Running His Businesses on Autopilot! Learn How In This Episode…

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Ryan Robson is doing something a little bit unique in his business model. He partners with young/new investors and helps mentor them while receiving a cut of the- profits. He is a business partner to several businesses and has developed a ‘semi-passive’ lifestyle. He is willing to give up a bit of money for more of his time. Learn more on how he manages it where he and his family can take month-long vacations together.


Key Takeaways:

  • Ryan averages around 100 flips a year in multiple markets.
  • Ryan has three little kids right now and it’s the biggest blessing in the world, but as we all know, they don’t come with a manual on how it all works.
  • Who is Ryan and how did he get started in real estate?
  • One of the biggest lessons you can use is learning how to accurately value property.
  • When the market crashed, Ryan learned a lot from the sidelines and saw a lot of his millionaire real estate friends go broke.
  • Ryan eventually teamed up with a business partner and they started doing short sales together.
  • What does Ryan look for in his acquisition manager?
  • Some sellers are going through a tough, tough time, so it’s important having someone who can bring a bit of happiness into their lives.
  • What is Ryan’s current business model?
  • Ryan partners with other guys who have flipped at least five properties in the past and helps invest in them.
  • How does Ryan find good ‘newbie’ investors to partner with?
  • How many businesses does Ryan have?
  • What has allowed Ryan to travel 120 days a year? How is he able to run multiple businesses while doing this?  
  • Ryan is in the process of finding a COO. What’s that process look like so far?
  • Ryan shares the best advice he received when it comes to hiring high-level people.
  • What’s the one piece of advice Ryan would share to his younger self?
  • You don’t have to make a million dollars to be happy.

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“There are certain sellers where their life is tough. If you can bring some joy when you show up, they will like you.”

“The more genuine you are about wanting to help that person vs. looking at these sellers as dollar signs, the more successful you’ll become.”

“It’s not necessarily leveraging other people, although it truly is, but what it really is giving other people the opportunity to grow.”

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