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EP275: UFC Champion, Randy Couture, Shares Inspiring Thoughts and Wisdom

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Alex recently attended a mastermind where Randy Couture was the keynote speaker. Randy spoke about fear, endurance, and ‘embracing the suck.’ On today’s show, Alex shares what he really liked about Randy’s talk and he hopes you’ll walk away just as inspired as he was!


Key Takeaways:

  • More wealth is built during market downturns, than any other time… Get Ready!
  • At the last mastermind Alex attended, Randy Couture (Former UFC fighter) was one of the keynote speakers.
  • Alex shares some key takeaways after listening to Randy speak.
  • You have to learn how to embrace the suck.
  • What strikes fear in your heart? How are you going to overcome it?
  • “Make friends with the worst possible scenario.”Randy Couture
  • Are you 1% better than you were yesterday?
  • Alex was able to get a ‘face-off’ picture with Randy. The guy is stone cold serious!

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“What you will become will be the result of what you’re willing to endure.”

“Choice, not chance, determines our destiny.”

“From pain comes wisdom, from suffering, comes strength, and from fear comes courage.”

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