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EP289: Why Scheduling "Think Tank Time" & Honoring Your Commitments Could be a Game-Changer for You

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Alex has recently scheduled time in his calendar to just think and he’s gotten so much clarity from just that single act alone. Not only should you be meditating regularly, but you should also take time to just write down your thoughts and goals that you have for yourself. You build a lot of self-confidence by honoring the big and small commitments that you make to yourself!


Key Takeaways:

  • Alex has a lot going on in his mind right now.
  • Alex spent about an hour writing down some of his thoughts and he split it up in three categories: Family, Personal, and Business.
  • Travel has played a big part of Alex and his family’s life, but they’ve been intentional and conscious about this.
  • What does Alex’s calendar look like?
  • Alex now schedules ‘think time’ into his calendar so he has time to just think.
  • Put important events on your calendar and honor those commitments.


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“The hardest part is scheduling the time to do it.”

“Schedule what’s important to you, because if you don’t put it on your calendar, then it’s not going to happen.”

“That’s how you build self-confidence, by keeping the commitments that you make to yourself.”

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