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EP321: Here's How You Can Maximize Your Opportunities with Sellers (Solve Problems = Make More Money)

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Alex’s business hasn’t been reaching their targeted goals for the year, so he’s taken a more proactive and different approach to get in front of more sellers. Remember, a lot of the times it’s not about how much money you can make, it’s about solving your seller’s problem. If you can’t get in front of them, then it’s important to dive deep on a phone call and see what kind of frustrations they have that you can solve.

Key Takeaways:

  • Have any comments or suggestions for the show? Reach out to Alex!
  • Alex is ultra focused on making a positive impact and helping others.
  • Alex has been running into some challenges with the business.
  • What happens if you can’t get face-to-face with a seller?
  • Alex’s team is focused on going deeper on the phone and seeing if they can agree on a ballpark price.
  • Forget about the deal. Forget about the money. You want to always pay attention to how you can solve the seller’s problems.
  • The more competitive the market gets, the more ‘old school’ the marketing needs to get.
  • Are you clear on who your seller avatar is?
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“So much can happen between the time we take a call and set an appointment vs. actually going on the appointment.”

“When you put the money aside and focus on solving problems, the money is going to come.”

“You need to know what age your seller avatar is, why they’re selling, where do they live, what are their pains and frustrations.”

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