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EP329: 6 Scientifically Validated Principles of Persuasion (& How You Can Use Them At No Cost)

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Alex recently watched a youtube video about the Science of Persuasion and would like to share with you the 6 scientifically proven principals, and how you can apply these to your real estate business. These tips are all really easy and inexpensive to implement, and more importantly, they’re completely ethical!

Key Takeaways:

  • Alex’s acquisition manager recently hosted a sales call talking about mindset, and shared this video with the team.
  • Alex would like to recap a video he and his team saw about the science of persuasion.
  • There are six principles in this 12-minute video.
  • With each of these principals, how can you implement it in your company?
  • Thinks of ways on how you can implement something that’s inexpensive and ethical into your business.
    • #1 Reciprocity
    • #2 Scarcity
    • #3 Authority
    • #4 Consistency
    • #5 Liking
    • #6 Consensus
  • Alex does a quick recap of each of the six tips, along with examples.
  • Challenge yourself and your team to come up with one ethical and inexpensive way to improve your business based on each of these six principles.
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Watch the “Science of Persuasion”


“People want more of the things that there are less of. People want what they can’t have.”

“Realtors® were able to increase appointments by 20% and contracts signed by 50% just because the receptionist gave the potential client the Realtor®’s resume and credentials.”

“Look for opportunities to build rapport. You’re going to create more of a likeability factor the deeper you can get into rapport with somebody.”

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