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EP347: Where Can You Improve Your Business? Have an ‘It’s Not Good Enough’ Meeting

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Alex was inspired by last week’s conversation with Jason Palliser on how to “raise the standard” by having an ‘It’s not good enough’ meeting, and shares what impact having this type of meeting has had.


Key Takeaways:

  • Success is when you add value to yourself and significance is when you add value to others.
  • You have to enjoy your ride to success. It’s not about the destination.
  • Set an intention for yourself and put the work in. Keep going until you make it.
  • Encourage excellence in your company culture so that team members can come to you when they see ways to be more efficient.
  • One of Alex’s team members noticed some inconsistencies when customers go to their online website and brought it to Alex’s attention.

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“I’m always saying, how do we work more efficiently without sacrificing integrity and quality?”

“Put it in the calendar once a week or, at the very minimum, once a month, an ‘it’s not good enough meeting.’”

“I hope this got the wheels spinning in your head about how do you raise the standard, how do you raise the bar, and how can you put mechanisms in place to encourage efficiency.”

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