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EP351: Tips and Best Practices on How to Best Use DealMachine

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Alex recently interviewed David Lecko, the CEO & Founder of DealMachine. It’s a product that Alex uses all the time in his business and in this episode, he dives into what he looks for in a property and how he uses Deal Machine to spot untapped properties in his market.


Key Takeaways:

  • Alex answers some of your questions based on Episode 350 with David Lecko!
  • The great thing about David’s service is that they have a training portal where you can train property finders to find the exact type of property you’re looking for.
  • Alex shares his criteria for what he looks for.
  • If you see old and busted up cars in the driveway, that’s a good sign that someone is looking to sell their house.
  • Don’t just look for the vacant properties.
  • Alex is looking to upgrade his membership plan with DealMachine to the enterprise level so he can add unlimited properties.
  • Alex is working on a process right now to get in front of Uber and Lyft drivers.
  • Alex just finished wrapping up his first Ascend mastermind retreat!

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Episode 350: Why You Need To Use DealMachine Since Yesterday!

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“If you see a sign in the yard that says for sale or for rent, add those too, using the deal machine.”

“Sometimes when we drive around and we see a ramp, sometimes that indicates that it’s a wheelchair accessible property, we add those. Some cases those people might be looking to sell.”

“People are getting paid to drive around to pick people up and drop people off and I think those people would be the ones most open to getting paid an extra $12-20 bucks an hour.”

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