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EP356: John Martinez Outlines How To Make More, Work Less, and Create a Lifestyle Business That Serves You

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This is John Martinez third guest appearance on the show! John has a sales training academy where he helps real estate investors get out of their shells and close more deals through the use of psychology, influence, and confidence. On this week’s episode, John shares how he only works about 3-5 hours a week on his core business and why he felt he had to cut back from all the things that weren’t making him happy. The truth is he was burnt out and he was saying no to a lot of the things he loved. Now, he has a three person team (including himself) and runs a six figure a month business. Find out more about John and his journey on today’s episode! 

Key Takeaways:

  • John has built up an amazing business where he doesn’t have to kill himself hustling and grinding!
  • John works 3-5 hours a week on his core business. How does he do it? 
  • You have to have your niche. Focus is key. 
  • Leverage what you know and see how you can expand it without taking more on your plate.  
  • The life of an entrepreneur is marketing, sales, and automation.
  • What can wholesalers do to get out of the grind and start living a life with more time freedom?
  • How did John begin to structure his life in such a way where he now works on his business instead of in his business?
  • When you feel stressed or angry, take a step back and figure out what is the root cause of that emotion. 
  • John has a three person team and they are generating 6 figures a month in revenue. Learn how to make more and work less…
  • What kind of technology does John use? 
  • John breaks down his overhead, everything from what he spends on ads to the tools he uses (and more).
  • Where do John’s leads come from? 
  • How can wholesalers apply content marketing to attract motivated sellers?
  • If John were to start a real estate investing business from scratch, what would John do to get it up and running as quickly as possible? 
  • What’s one piece of advice John would like to share to those looking to create a lifestyle business?

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Do you want to convert more of your Leads into Contracts? Here is some of John’s valuable training which my entire team has gone through!




“A wholesaler’s golden goose is your ability to market, your ability to establish relationships, and close deals.”

“As I was saying yes to all that work, I was saying no to the stuff that really made me happy, the stuff that made my life worth living.”

“The right eyeballs on the right content as much as possible. If you focus on that, any business will blow up because what you will end up with is a massive pool of people saying I want to work with you.”

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