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EP358: An Inspiring Story About Believing In Yourself, Exercising Grit, and Displaying Perseverance

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Alex Jandick left his job as an acquisition manager 45 days ago because he knew it was time to take the leap and start his own business. He has been working with Alex in the ASCEND Mastermind and has already closed on a $50k deal after going to the moon and back to make sure the deal closed. On this week’s episode, Alex uses Alex J as a client case study to showcase what a little bit of focus and determination can do to your business within just a short period of time. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Alex received an amazing text message from Alex J! Since joining ASCEND, Alex J has just landed himself a $50,000 net deal!!!!
  • Alex J had to overcome so many challenges to get this deal done!
  • This was Alex J’s 19th deal. 
  • How did Alex J first get started in real estate?
  • Alex J was working for someone else as an acquisition manager just 45 days ago. Why was it time for him to go start his own business…
  • Without having confidence in yourself, it’s really hard to succeed . You got to have faith in yourself. 
  • What advice does Alex J have for those listening to this right now? 
  • Get yourself a coach ASAP! 
  • How did Alex J first discover this $50k deal? 
  • Get on the good side with your city. It took about 20 phone calls to the city to get this property cleared. 
  • Because Alex J did so much work on this property, he was able to renegotiate the deal so that he would have more of a spread. 
  • What were some of the biggest lessons Alex learned from getting this deal done? 
  • Alex J is really glad he took this leap and invested in himself. He and his wife were at a make it or break it point.

Mentioned in This Episode:

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“A wholesaler’s golden goose is your ability to market, your ability to establish relationships, and close deals.”

“As I was saying yes to all that work, I was saying no to the stuff that really made me happy, the stuff that made my life worth living.”

“The right eyeballs on the right content as much as possible. If you focus on that, any business will blow up because what you will end up with is a massive pool of people saying I want to work with you.”

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