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EP364: Rod Khleif Delivers a Fiery, Passionate Message on How You Can Achieve Your Dreams (& Shares His Most Impactful Success Strategies)

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Rod Khleif is a passionate real estate investor who started when he was just 18 years old. On his third year as a real estate broker, he was able to earn six figures in his business and it was all because he took the time to work on his mindset and develop positive psychology for himself. Rod shares how you can develop a strong will to succeed no matter the hardships you are currently facing right now. There is nothing that you can’t do! 

Key Takeaways:

  • Rod comes from an immigrant family and they really struggled when he was growing up.
  • When Rod got his broker’s licenses, he made six figures in his third year, but what had to change from year 1 to year 3 to make that happen? 
  • So many people have the knowledge but they don’t take action!!!
  • Take some time when you’re energized to write down everything that you want and need in your life. Write it all out, no matter how crazy it might sound. 
  • What you have on your paper right now is just dreams. Now you gotta put a timeline on them to make them into goals.
  • Use empowering words when you write all this down. Words will move you. 
  • Then take it one step further, write negative words to deter you from failing. Make it painful. 
  • This document is the fuel that will help you work your dream and encourage you to stay up late and work those nights until you’ve achieved it. 
  • Rod realized he wanted a corvette, so he went out and got a picture of it and put it in the visor of his car so that he would see it everyday. Within 2 years, he got that car. 
  • Visualize what you want, then take action! 
  • Strategies on overcoming our fears…
  • Rod and his team have now fed over 70,000 children over the holidays over the last 20 years. Success is about giving back. 
  • The most successful people on the plant add the most value to others. 
  • Rod shares the one piece of advice he would share with you (and his younger self).

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“Mindset and psychology truly is 80-90% of your success.”

“Comfort zone is a warm place but not a damn freaking thing grows there. You gotta get uncomfortable to make it happen.”

“As human beings, we will overestimate what we can do in and massively underestimate what we can accomplish in 10 to 20 years.”

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