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EP378: Rob Nickell on "Hiring Battle Scars", and How To Set Yourself (& Your Team Members) Up for Success

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Rob Nickell is the Founder of Rocket Station, an outsourcing firm that helps you find the right VA for your business and structure. So many companies hire VAs or staff without even a job description! This is just setting a capable employee up for failure. You have to spend time creating SOPs so that everyone involved knows how to do their job and stay accountable.

Key Takeaways:

  • When Alex thinks about hiring VAs, Rob is the first person that comes to mind.
  • Rob and his team are trying over 80 people a month.
  • There are so many hats you have to wear when you’re a business owner, but some things require you to have certain skills, and those might not be your biggest strengths.
  • Everyone Rob knows who is successful in real estate uses a VA in some form to do the day-to-day tasks.
  • Every entrepreneur has had some battle scars when it comes to hiring competent people.
  • You can’t hire someone if you don’t have documented SOPs or even a detailed job description. Before you hire, get your ducks in a row first.
  • Document your process first.
  • Second, create a detailed job description.
  • You only have to create these documents one time!
  • The key to keeping sane is through outsourcing!
  • VAs can do about 80% of your day-to-day. So learn (in this episode) what you need to be focused on…
  • VAs can really do very high, high-level stuff. Rob shares some examples of what his clients are doing.
  • Interested in Rob’s services? They are ready to assist in documenting your processes…

Mentioned in This Episode:

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To learn more about how you can get a trained VA for your Real Estate business, go here, and Rob’s team will reach out to you to schedule a call.

Book Recommendation: Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t, by James C. Collins


“You can have somebody that’s competent, trained, speaks great English, and is college-educated.”

“When employees come in, they’re not set up for success.”

“The best investors in the country are outsourcing and they’re leveraging overseas talent in order to do the entire day-to-day.”

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