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EP393: Why Newbies Sometimes Succeed, While Expert Real Estate Investors Often Times Struggle

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Alex is seeking feedback from his listeners! We are coming up to nearly 400 episodes and Alex wants to create content that excites you, inspires you, and educates you. Please fill out the form below! In today’s episode, Alex reminds you that even if you have experience, don’t let the illusion of your knowledge fool you. It’s important to be open to new- and old-school ways of working because at the end of the day the market changes and what didn’t work yesterday might actually work today!


Key Takeaways:

  • Alex wants your feedback on how to inject more value into the podcast! Please take a quick minute to share your thoughts.
  • This podcast is coming up to their 400th episode. What do you want to be covered?
  • Alex is thinking about launching a podcast specifically for South Florida Real Estate Investors.
  • Fill out the form, and Alex and his partner, Adrian, will do an Ask Me Anything private training for you!
  • Alex has been in this business for 15 years! Being in this for so long, it’s true you can get complacent.
  • As the market gets more competitive, the more marketing gets archaic.
  • All forms of marketing work (with consistency). Don’t let shiny object syndrome get you distracted.
  • Challenge your own thinking. Don’t assume you know everything.

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“If you have any recommendations for experts I should connect with or certain topics or more case studies, let me know.”

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it’s the illusion of knowledge.”

“The more competitive our market gets, the more archaic marketing has become.”

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