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EP394: 26-Year-Old Rock Star ASCEND Member (with 44 Rentals and Over 100+ Flips), Shares His Most Painful Learning Lesson, and Why You Sometimes Need to Borrow from Other People's Confidence

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Brentin Hess started his real estate career when he was 19. He is 26 years old today and has 44 rental units (and has done over 100+ flips). He is currently coaching/mentoring 20+ people to help them through their real estate journey. Brentin shares the types of mistakes investors are making early on, why sometimes you need to borrow from other people’s confidence, and how it only takes 7–10 hours of week of pure focus to succeed.

Key Takeaways:

  • How did Brentin get started in real estate?
  • Brentin grew up around real estate, but his parents didn’t know how to invest in properties.
  • Brentin believes in hiring coaches. That’s how he was able to build a 44-unit portfolio before 26.
  • There’s a positive ROI when hiring a coach. Do not be in a situation where it’s the blind leading the blind.
  • In the beginning, Brentin saw coaching as an expense, not an investment.
  • Brentin really thanks his parents for helping him. He took a DISC assessment when he was 16 years old.
  • When you’re struggling financially, keeping yourself sane mentally can sometimes be the only thing you can fall back on.
  • What keeps Brentin going forward?
  • How does Brentin borrow from other people’s confidence?
  • Brentin recently had a partnership that went bad. He explains what lessons he’s learned from it, so far.
  • If something makes you uncomfortable, lean into it.
  • Treat other people’s money better than your own!
  • Brentin has seen his parents get burned by an accountant who embezzled money from them.
  • The quicker you take action, the sooner the uncomfortable feeling will go away.
  • Brentin is currently coaching 23 people right now. What are some of the common mistakes investors are making?
  • All it takes is 7–10 hours a week of focus.
  • Don’t let shiny object’s distract you!
  • Remember, it takes time to get a good marketing strategy going. Consistency is key!
  • Mindset is something you should be working on and sharpening on a daily basis.
  • What advice would Brentin give his younger self?

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“When you find the right coach, ultimately that’s when you’re going to take it to the next level.”

“They might have everything they need to have in order to succeed. They might know everything they need to know in order to succeed. They just haven’t succeeded yet.”

“If you’re truly committed to this, then give me 7–10 hours a week of focus.”

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