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EP398: My Thoughts on the Coronavirus, and Why Now Is the Time to Step up as a Leader!

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Alex understands that things are going a bit crazy right now and the news is creating a lot of panic and fear. As a leader, this is your moment to step up and lead. Be an example for your family, friends, team, and even community. Don’t be cocky that you’ll ‘make tons of money’, people right now are suffering and they are getting affected. Show compassion in this difficult time and help out where you can.


Key Takeaways:

  • We are in the middle of uncertainty right now. 
  • Alex was attending a mastermind and he didn’t know the full impact the coronavirus would really have until now. 
  • Sports leagues were cancelling events to protect everyone’s safety. 
  • How is a potential recession going to impact our community? 
  • Alex has personally experienced the 2008 market crash. 
  • Remember this will pass! 
  • Sit back for right now and survey the landscape. 
  • Don’t get cocky. You might have the opportunity to make money, but people are suffering from this. 
  • How will hourly workers pay their rent? Your cash flow has the ability to be affected too. 
  • This is an opportunity to lead. What example are you setting 
  • Disconnect from the news. It’s good to be informed, but it’s bad to be in fear. 
  • God has a plan.
  • It’s okay to admit that you don’t have the answers!
  • Look forward and do not operate out of fear. 
  • Alex will be here to help you through this.  
  • The darker the storm, the brighter the rainbow.

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“People make the worst decisions when they’re drunk and when they’re operating out of fear.”

“Don’t get cocky. A lot of people are going to suffer from this and people are already suffering from this.”

“Are you going to be a leader and lead or are you going to panic or even be opportunistic by taking advantage of people?”


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