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Investment & Private Lending

With our unique investment and private lending programs, you can unlock the door to passive income and robust returns, letting your capital work for you.

Interested in reaping the BENEFITS of real estate WITHOUT the headache of property management?

Our investment and private lending programs are designed to provide truly passive income, giving you the FREEDOM to enjoy life on your terms.

At, we collaborate with investors and private lenders across various investment models. Whether your capital is in a savings account, a self-directed retirement account, equity markets, or other investments, we can help you achieve stable and predictable ROI through real estate.

Contact Us About Investing & Private Lending

To get started, simply fill out the form below. Please be sure to answer all of the questions thoroughly. The more information you provide, the better we can serve you by putting you in touch with the correct member of our team to match your needs.

By partnering with us, your return is backed by one of the most stable and resilient assets – REAL ESTATE.


Our private lending program lets you play the role of the bank. Your investment is safeguarded the same way large banks secure their loans: with a mortgage, promissory note, and insurance policies. These measures are put in place to enhance the security of your capital. You’ll earn interest on your loan and have it directly deposited into your bank account, at a rate significantly higher than traditional banks. By eliminating the middleman, we pass on the profit that is usually pocketed by the banks directly to you.


Our equity investment program allows you to be a silent partner in a real estate deal. Your only responsibility is to provide the capital you decide to invest. We handle all the heavy lifting, limiting your liability. You can leverage the years of real estate experience we bring to the table and share in the profits of our ventures while we minimize your risk.


We excel at identifying off-market deals, and buying directly from sellers or brokers with exclusive listings.

This approach reduces our competition and optimizes the equity gains for our investors while minimizing the risk of over-collateralization for our private lenders. Through our value-add processes, we increase the asset’s value and generate positive cash flow to pay our private lenders and secure returns for our investors and team.

With, you get the benefits of purchasing at wholesale prices, forced appreciation through strategic renovations and superior management, positive cash flow, and the security of an asset-backed investment. Our mission is to create, grow, and protect wealth for ourselves, our partners, and lenders, enabling everyone to design their life and prepare for retirement through passive income from commercial real estate.


Why should I consider passive real estate investments?

Opting for passive investments in real estate allows you to receive consistent, reliable returns secured by physical real estate assets. Whether you are a private investor or lender, your returns are predetermined, providing a stable income for future financial planning. Investments with us yield double-digit annual returns, significantly higher than typical returns from bank deposits, CDs, or money market accounts. Additionally, they tend to be more stable and predictable than commodities, stocks, or mutual funds.

Is it safe to invest in private lending and real estate?

The scarcity and constant demand for land underpins the long-term value of real estate. As the population grows and available land decreases, real estate investments are likely to appreciate. Historically, real estate has been a stable and predictable investment, providing a buffer against the volatility of equity markets. Our focus is multifamily real estate, a niche premised on the perpetual need for housing irrespective of economic conditions. Our private lending and investment programs are backed by real estate, offering a robust investment opportunity. While it may not be the right fit for everyone, seasoned investors recognize the wealth generation potential in real estate investments.

Can I invest using my IRA or 401K funds?

Yes, absolutely. It's a common misconception that IRA or 401K funds cannot be self-directed towards the investment of your choice. By transferring your money to an administrator/custodian who permits self-directed investments, you gain control over your investment decisions without incurring any penalties. This change only shifts the administrator/custodian and does not constitute a distribution. Your earnings will retain their tax-advantaged status while offering the potential for double-digit, real-estate-backed returns. Examples of such custodians include Equity Trust, iPlan Group, Millennium Trust, Forge Trust, Kingdom Trust, among others.

How can I begin investing?

To start, click on the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of this page. Please make sure to fill out all the questions in detail. The more information you provide, the better we can match you with a team member best suited to your needs.

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

Our minimum investment threshold is designed to accommodate a broad range of investors. Please reach out to our team to discuss your individual circumstances and preferences.

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How soon can I expect returns on my investment?

The timeline for investment returns can vary based on the specific real estate project. However, we typically aim to provide returns within a specified period after the investment is made. More detailed information will be provided based on your particular investment.

Do I need any prior experience in real estate investing?

No, you don't need any prior experience in real estate investing to start with us. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, ensuring you understand every step of your investment journey.