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Tips On Building Your Wholesaling Team To Gain More Freedom And Purpose with Alex Pardo



“I knew that my blood, sweat, and tears was for the greater good. Not only was it to build the lifestyle I want but to also provide for my family. I knew that it was going to help and impact others.” Alex Pardo

       Have A Sense Of Purpose To Make A Bigger Impact Every            Day

carrotcast_itunes_02-1024x1024In this CarrotCast episode, Trevor is joined by Alex Pardo, wholesaler, and entrepreneur in Miami, Florida.

He originally wanted to be a corporate CEO and was accepted into GE’s Financial Management Program, but found that 70-80 hour work weeks wasn’t going to be his future.

He chose to backpack around Europe for a period of time until he had that “ah-ha” moment…to venture into real estate wholesaling.

He found that by getting away from the corporate “structure” he was able to drive a personal mindset shift, create the lifestyle he wants and continue to make the lives of others around him better.

Since that mindset shift in 2005, his real estate business has gone through many phases. He now has a team of employees that allows him the freedom to work on other real estate and entrepreneur projects that fuel his passions.

       Listen to the Podcast


       Check out this inspirational conversation with Alex about…

  • Where his wholesaling business currently is and where he wants to take it in the future.
  • How he hires his employees and how the process has changed.
  • Why mindset shifts are important and why he had to make a change.
  • His desire in life to inspire others to reach their dreams and goals.
  • His process for tackling challenges head on.

       Watch the Video Version

Start – Alex’s journey from corporate stranglehold to having freedom and creativity to run his own business.
21:03 – What his current role is in his company.
21:45 – Using Podio as a wholesaling CRM tool.
22:50 – Mindset shift – marketing to agents.
23:40 – Focus on hiring. How to start building your wholesaling team.
26:48 – Having employees take the Kolbe personality test.
33:30 – What impact Alex wants to make. Being an inspiration for the 9-5 worker. It’s not just about money…it’s about helping people. Finding your passion and what you truly love doing.

“As a CEO, if a task you’re doing isn’t making you money…outsource it.”


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