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EP005: Finding Cash Buyers – Thursday's Q&A Session

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Alex does a quick Q&A session detailing the process to find and attract eager cash buyers. Through this process, Alex is often able to find a buyer within 24 hours and he details the sales process involved in finding these people. Tune in for more!

Key Takeaways:

  • How do you find cash buyers?
  • What is Alex’s sales process?
  • Alex recommends visiting the resources page of all the products he personally uses.
  • For this particular task, he will use a combination of Podio and Freedomsoft.
  • Alex explains his MLS process.
  • Always add agents to your cash buyers list.
  • Alex shares his thoughts on bandit signs.
  • Find other wholesalers in your industry. Reach out and network.
  • Don’t turn off your marketing faucet.


Mentioned in This Episode: is a great out of the box CRM solution for any level real estate investor, and since recently being acquired, the new team at FreedomSoft has added some awesome features and really improved the overall product. I highly recommend FreedomSoft, and you can test drive it with a free 14 day trial here.

They have great customer support, and this CRM will quickly become a must-have in your real estate business.

Podio – Email Marketing Service

Dirt Cheap Signs (mention “The Flip Empire Show Podcast” and get 5% off your order)


In addition to an email blast, you send out a text message campaign, and you send out a slide broadcast.

Agents are usually going to bring cash buyers that will pay the most for your properties.

Reach out. You always want to build relationships with the movers and shakers in your market.

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