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EP010: Erik Stark – Getting a Grip on Owner Finance and Deal Structure Part 2

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Erik Stark joins us again on The Flip Empire show to continue his discussion on how he structures owner finance deals. Erik and his business partner, Steve Mills, have sold over 400+ properties in the last 11 years, so Erik definitely has a lot of qualified experience and advice up his sleeves. Tune in to discover why Erik likes interest only deals and why he would rather have a big payday over a fixed monthly income.


Key Takeaways:

Be sure to listen to part one of this interview with Erik first!

Erik does a quick recap of what he talked about in part one.

When structuring owner finance deals in this particular way, many times the sellers do not want their money back. They want to have a passive income on their property instead.

If you’re confused about what’s happening here, rewind this podcast if you have to!

What happens if Erik could not find a property to move his lender’s collateral to?

Why does Erik structure all of his deals to be interest only?

Erik usually does an interest only deal for the first year and then moves it to an amortized loan.

Erik is turning home owner sellers into private lenders.

Communication is everything to your leaders.

Alex does a quick recap of the deal he and Erik are talking about.

How does Erik decide when to turn down a big payday?

Erik prefers a large cash pay day vs. a monthly income, because he knows he can invest it wisely.

At the end of the day, the way you structure your deals is a lifestyle choice and decision.

Alex gives his sellers three options. He gives them cash now, an owner finance or lease option, or sell their property to a retail buyer.

Sometimes it’s hard to turn down a big payday deal.

Alex acts like a seller to get a better idea of how Erik works.

Erik likes to plant the money-earning-potential seed while he is on the phone with a seller.

Thank you for listening!


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PDF – Click Here To Access Erik’s Notes On This Owner Financing Case Study



I love interest only because it allows you to do a bare minimum payment without having to pay so much in principle.

I would choose $40,000 cash now over $600 a month any day. I know I can take that $40k and leverage it.

Are you looking for all cash or are you interested in getting 400 times more interest per month than banks pay?


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