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EP011: Give Your Sellers Different Buying Options – Thursday's Q&A Session

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Alex discusses why you should always give your seller a different set of options and offers, when looking to purchase their home. He normally gives his sellers three options – a low cash offer, a owner fiance or lease offer, or a retail listing. By setting the seller up with these different options, they’re more likely to agree to doing the deal with you and use you as their provider. However, if they’re still unwilling to do a creative finance deal with you, do not throw that lead away! Alex explains how you can continue to put that lead to good use.


Key Takeaways:

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You want to give the sellers you speak with on the phone different options.

Most of the leads you get, the seller will lack motivation and any real interest in you.

Despite this, do not throw those leads away! Monetize them.

Alex likes to give his sellers three options. He recommends to take control of the situation.

You don’t want to only send a cash offer.

How does Alex monetize retail leads?

If you’re not a licensed agent, check with your attorney on the best legal way to do this.

Do not throw the lead away if the home owner does not want to structure an owner finance deal with you.

Alex will sometimes outsource that tough lead or keep in touch with the homeowner at least once a month.


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If you don’t send offers, you can’t do deals.

You want to give your seller different options to choose from.

If the homeowner is not open to creative financing or a team’s offer, don’t throw that lead away.

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