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EP017: Setting up Effective Systems in Your Business – Thursday's Q&A Session

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Alex wants to stress the importance of creating systems in your business. When you have good systems in place, anybody can take a look at your business and fit right in. Alex talks on how you can put effective systems in your business and why you should always document the process and make sure it is still up-to-date three months later. Systems help make sure you’re on the same page with your team and it also gives you a way to take yourself out of the picture.


Key Takeaways:

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Everybody understands the importance of having systems in their business, but what does it actually look like?

You want to have a strong system in place so you can replace yourself.

If you’re still interested in this topic after the show, Alex can do a master class on it as well.

First of all, what is step one? Outline the various categories and subcategories of your business.

It’s important to document what you plan to do and make it easy to read. Alex does this in a video format and then has his VA organize it in a word doc.

Don’t just rely on video, because things change and things need to be updated.

You want the document incredibly, incredibly easy. Can’t stress this enough. Include bullet points and screenshots, so that anybody can quickly understand the tasks at hand.

Every three months you want to check back on all the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) you’ve created.

Focus on creating one SOP a week. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

You always want to be thinking, “How can I remove myself from this process?”


Mentioned in This Episode:

The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

Use Screenflow For Screen Capture Videos (to record SOPs)

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I’m not saying the way I’m doing it is the best way, it’s what I’ve found works well for me.

Why do fast food chains always taste the same no matter where you go? It’s because it’s a system.

Work on creating systems so you can replace yourself.

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