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EP018: Justin Wilmot – Pick up the Phone and Call Those Cash Buyers!

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Justin Wilmot is a real estate investor first, and a real estate educator second. On today’s expert interview, Justin discusses how you can build strong relationships with your cash buyers. Despite having thousands of cash buyers on a list, Alex only personally deals with about 15-20 people consistently, and Justin is also in the same boat. You need to develop strong relationships with these people, and that means you have to stop spinning your wheels and pick up the phone! Listen in for more to learn how.


Key Takeaways:

Alex shares a bit about who Justin Wilmot is.

What is co-wholesaling? What about JV wholesaling? Justin explains.

In order to be successful in this type of business, you need to have a strong relationship with your cash buyers.

Justin has invited two of his main buyers to his kid’s birthday party. He really means it when he says build a relationship.

How do you actually go about and build relationships with your cash buyers?

Too many people are out there for themselves, but you have to lead with other people’s interests first.

Get on the phone! Get some deals in the pipeline first, before you worry about Freedomsoft.

Once a quarter, Justin reevaluates himself and his company.

Don’t like making phone calls? Go ahead and outsource that task.

The things you cannot outsource, are your vision and your management.

What does Justin’s team look like right now?

How does Justin compensate his staff? Justin isn’t afraid to give up a piece of his business to have more freedom.

Where does Justin find his talent?

You have to know how to pre-qualify your talent!

Last piece of advice – You need to focus on the retail cash investor and start building relationships with them.


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We only really talk to about 15-20 buyers that consistently buy our properties.

This business is about building relationships.

If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get exactly what you want.

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