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EP019: Consistency With Your Marketing Campaign – Thursday's Q&A Session

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Alex would like to retouch on a topic he discussed a couple of weeks back. People have since reached out to Alex, asking him how they can improve their deal flow. But one of the things Alex has noticed the most, is that there is a lack of consistency in how many offers they’re sending out. Alex believes people tend to get caught up in the technical aspects of their business and do not follow up with tasks that really matter – like sending out offers.


Key Takeaways:

Alex and his wife just started doing an ‘awesome jar’ where they put one thing that happened that day that was awesome into the jar.

Alex encourages you to do the same thing. There’s something powerful about being able to reflect on the positive things that happened in your life.

Challenge yourself for five minutes at the beginning of the day to write down everything you’re grateful for.

Alex wants to re-elaborate on a topic he spoke about a couple of weeks back, on consistency with your marketing.

How many offers are you sending? How many offers are in the hands of your sellers?

Make a goal to send out at least five offers a day.

Get a virtual assistant to help you.

Too busy to send five? Then start with one.

Don’t get bogged down with the technical details.

It all boils down to consistency. Sending 1 offer a day is better than sending 50 in one day, and then doing nothing.


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It’s so easy to overlook and take for granted the things in our life.

Every single one of you has, at least, a handful of things, if not more, to be grateful for.

Write down and force your brain to think about all the great things you have in your life.

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