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EP034: Lee Kearney Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Market Cycles

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Lee Kearney is the owner of Southeast Property Investments Network (SPIN), and acquires anywhere between 40-80 properties a month, having only 25 employees on his team. So, how does Lee do it? By putting effective systems and people in place. In this week’s master class, Lee discusses everything you need to know about market cycles and how you can navigate through them without a fortune teller or a magic crystal ball by your side.  


Key Takeaways:

  • How Lee positions himself in his business to acquire between 40-80 properties/deals a month.
  • What does a typical day/week look like for Lee?
  • What types of property is Lee acquiring?
  • How can a beginner quickly identify what deals make sense and what deals don’t?
  • Communities that are tumbling through the floor in terms of market prices are a hard thing to evaluate.
  • Lee discusses the types of deals he makes on a monthly basis.
  • Don’t go with the flow, you won’t get many deals that way.
  • How does Lee analyze and discover untouched market trends?
  • Don’t fight against the market either!
  • When does Lee believe we will hit a peak in the housing market?
  • How Market confidence drives much of the real estate market.
  • Lee offers one piece of advice for the brand new real estate investor.  


Mentioned in This Episode:

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It starts with good systems and then you gotta have good people implementing your systems.

Zillow primarily helps me weed out properties that are bad deals.

The market is on fire, so if I got a problem with my business, I know it’s an internal problem.


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