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EP042: Alex Chats With His First Student – Mark Skowron

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Mark Skowron is the Owner of Festival Properties LLC, and runs a fantastic blog catered specifically to other real estate agents, called Mark was one of Alex’s first students, andrecently made the transition from a full-time employee, to the owner of his own real estate business, a couple of years ago. On this week’s episode, Mark shares some of his tips on how he got to where he is today!


Key Takeaways:

  • Who is Mark?
  • Mark decided to hire Alex as a coach and soon after closed his first deal!
  • How much did Mark make on his first deal?
  • How did Mark make the jump from his full-time job to being a full-time real estate agent?
  • In the beginning, you will have to make sacrifices.
  • You have to have a laser focus on what you want.
  • What types of deals is Mark doing?
  • Find out where your hot zip codes are in your area (check out the video in the middle of the Resources Page, under the Direct Mail Lists section)
  • You can’t control how much money you have, but you can control your energy,
  • Where does Mark get his deal flow?
  • Remember: Closed mouths don’t get fed!
  • Find a small group of other wholesalers and partner with them.
  • What kinds of things should real estate agents be doing to increase their buyer’s list?


Mentioned in This Episode:

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Small actions, small results.

If you take massive action, you’re going to see massive results.

If you put blinders on, and avoid the shiny object syndrome, that’s going to help get you to where you wanna go.


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