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EP049: A Creative Approach to Buying a Home

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Alex is expecting his second child in May! So, what does this mean? It means his family have slightly outgrown their current home and are looking for a new place to live. Despite being in the business, Alex and his wife are having trouble finding the right house, so Alex decided to throw a little experiment with his direct mail marketing letters in search for that perfect home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alex is expecting his second child!
  • Alex is thinking of moving into a bigger home.
  • What works better a yellow postcard or a white postcard?
  • Think about how you can change your direct mail copy so that it’s more engaging.
  • Alex added a very personal approach to his direct mail copy and he’s been getting between 3-4%.
  • Avoid staying in the status quo. There’s nothing wrong with being a little creative with your messaging.
  • Don’t lie on the postcard. You want to be honest with your intentions.
  • Marketing is nothing more than having the right message, to the right market, at the right time.
  • The point in today’s episode is: Think about new ways to change your marketing so that you stand out.


Mentioned in This Episode:

Download The Postcard Alex Referenced Here


So many people are skeptics and didn’t believe I was really looking for a house for my family.

This experiment was more proof and validation that we have to buck the trend.

Think of different ways you can approach your homeowners.


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