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EP052: Focus on Your Follow-up System First, and Then Your Marketing.

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Brad Chandler is the Co-Founder and CEO of Express Homebuyers. Brad and his team have bought more than 2,000 homes since 2003, but how does he do it? Brad says you have to focus on your follow-up system first and foremost, and then your marketing. Don’t get bogged down by worrying about how to streamline your processes if you haven’t gotten your follow-up system in place. Get those leads coming in, and then build systems to help optimize it.


Key Takeaways:

  • Brad and his team have bought over 2,000 properties since 2003.
  • How did Brad get started? Well, it wasn’t easy.
  • Brad now has 20 full-time employees.
  • What is Brad’s business model?
  • Brad believes the real estate investor that wholesales is a smarter guy than the rehabber.
  • Don’t spend a dime of money on marketing until you have a really good follow-up system.
  • Once you have a great follow-up system, then invest in marketing.
  • What do Brad’s follow-ups look like?
  • Brad reaches out to a new lead 30 times in the first 45 days.
  • Call your missed calls back. Last year, Brad made 8 deals off of those alone.
  • Brad hates voicemails. Get a real person to answer that phone!
  • Brad offers a $2,500 cash advance once the homeowner has signed a contract. How does he structure that?
  • What other things does Brad do to stand out from the crowd?
  • When it comes to lead generation, where should a new investor put their money?
  • What’s the biggest piece of advice Brad would tell his 25-year-old self?


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Don’t spend a dime in marketing until you have a really kickass follow-up system.

I mistakenly thought that wholesaling was for the less sophisticated investor.

I would start with wholesaling and, frankly, I would keep it wholesaling.


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