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EP056: You’re in Control of Your Deals!

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Alex and Ramon Gonzalez continue their discussion on this week’s episode. If you missed it, listen to episode 54 to hear the first half of Ramon’s interview.  Ramon discusses what a typical deal looks like for him in his market, and also shares some super ninja pro-tips to help you increase profits on a badly damaged house.


Key Takeaways:

  • Beware! This episode does have some bad language in it!
  • What is Ramon currently doing to generate leads?
  • Everybody’s got cash. What’s important is whether you can find a deal or not.
  • Investors are used to paying, but you want to create a little frenzy among everyone, to get a quicker sale.
  • Ramon shares an example of what a typical deal looks like for him.
  • Remember, you’re in control.
  • Does Ramon’s strategy only work for private sellers/homeowners?
  • Ramon shares his super ninja strategy to increase profits on a destroyed house.
  • Disclaimer! Remember neither Alex nor Ramon are CPAs or attorneys.
  • What advice would Ramon give his 24-year-old self?
  • Keep perspective, and don’t be afraid to take those risks.
  • Anyone who tells you they haven’t lost money on deals is lying! Everyone has lost money.
  • You have to work on and develop that positive mindset everyday!


Mentioned in This Episode:



Our focus should always be on lead generation and on lead conversion.

You’re in control. Why? Because you’re bringing something the market needs and wants.

During the goldrush, You want to be the guy selling the shovel, you don’t want to be the guy selling the gold.


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