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EP061: A Valuable Team Member Adds to Your Bottom Line

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Alex is currently experiencing some challenges in his business, and realizes that there are certain processes he can greatly improve upon. For example, certain team members are currently receiving sales training so that they can become even better sales reps in the future.

On this same topic, Alex discusses a client of his who recently fired an expensive, but valuable VA. His client is seemingly having to re-train the cheaper VA and it’s turning out to be wasting her time. Ouch! Don’t think of the expense when it comes to good talent, think of the value they bring to the table.


Key Takeaways:

  • Right now Alex has some challenges in his business, and he’s excited by them!
  • Alex has been working with one particular client for the last three weeks, and she’s already starting to see results!
  • Alex is always looking for talent.
  • Right now, Alex is training certain team members to get better at sales. He knows he’s not the best out there when it comes to this skill.
  • So many times, we only look at the expense, but we need to look at the value.
  • Remember, so few people consider how much time they have to spend re-training someone, over and over again, in order to get the job done right.
  • A valuable team member adds to your bottom line.
  • Are you setting your team up for success?
  • When you feel like you have to micromanage your new hire, they are probably not a right fit for you.
  • Be slow to hire and quick to fire.
  • Alex is in the process of creating a small group coaching session. Contact him if you’re interested!


Mentioned in This Episode:



As I look at how we process leads, I realize that there’s room for improvement there.

One of the things I’m doing is really focusing on getting certain team members the best sales training they can get.

What’s it going to cost you if you don’t hire that person?


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