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EP088: How You Can Earn 10-12% on Your Money PASSIVELY (Part 2 with Peter Aquart)

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Peter Aquart is the COO of American Wealth Builders. Be sure to check out last week’s episode before listening to this one! This week’s master class focuses on the passive side of the business. How do you put your money to work, and how do you build an effective passive income? Get your answer to these questions and more with Peter!


Key Takeaways:

  • How do you grow your wealth while you sleep?
  • Most people look at their bottom line numbers, but never factor in their time component.
  • What is turnkey investing?
  • How do you take your time and energy, and multiply it?
  • Who is Peter’s typical client?
  • Peter offers a very hands-off experience for their clients, when it comes to real estate investing.
  • What kind of returns do clients tend to get?
  • Time is money! More people are willing to give up their time instead of a little bit of their ROI.
  • How does Peter get such great deals?
  • Remember, you’re dealing with a lot of variables on a property.
  • What happens if you want to get into a turnkey business, but don’t have the capital?
  • Peter and his company aren’t here just to sell you a property. He’s here to create wealth with you.
  • What types of property does Peter usually look for?
  • Over the last 10 years, Peter has seen a 30% increase in rentals. However, there was only a 11% increase in supply.
  • How does Peter replace tenants/fill in the occupancy?
  • How does Peter oversee the inspection process?
  • Alex was impressed by Peter’s inspection report.
  • Have some additional questions for Peter? Go to


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***Find out how you can earn 10-12% on your money through American Wealth Builders Turnkey Program

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There’s a lot more in the world of real estate investing than you’re thinking of.

Most people look at their bottom line numbers and never factor in their time component.

Everybody’s so afraid of giving up their return, but they’re willing to give up their time instead. It’s so backwards.


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