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EP094: Brian Trippe on Getting Your Butt off That Couch

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Brian Trippe is based out of Birmingham, Alabama. When Brian was 28 years old, he was still living in his dad’s basement and was lazy! All he did was play video games, but shortly after, he got married, and knew he had to get a ‘real’ job. Brian stumbled into real estate, but he worked his butt off, and on his first deal he earned $10,000 net. Since then, he’s been hooked! If you want to take real estate seriously, you have to get off that couch!


Key Takeaways:

  • How did Brian end up getting into real estate?
  • Brian took a very, very expensive real estate course and ended up making $10,000 on his first deal.
  • What advice would Brian have for those who are struggling to take action?
  • Book smarts is a plus, but you learn the most from actually taking action.
  • Brian spends a lot of money on real estate education, BUT he takes that info into practice.
  • When you go into real estate investing, really focus on your end-game.
  • You want to generate enough capital so you can go out and purchase your own assets.
  • Brian talks about his real estate portfolio. He’s currently doing $10,000 net on his properties.
  • Brian is closing 2-3 deals a month right now. What does his office look like?
  • Surround yourself with great people you can trust. It’ll help you with a ton of headaches.
  • How does Brian get ‘free’ lists?
  • What advice would Brian give his 20-year-old self?
  • So many people know the kind of work they have to put in, but they’re just not willing to do it.
  • People do not change. The only way they do, though, is to go through tragedy or an awakening of some sort.
  • Make today the day where you’re going to change, where you’re going to put in the work.


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I never thought I could be rich. I resented wealthy people, I resented the rich.

I made every mistake possible.’”

You’re going to learn more through the experience of doing than in any course, any book, any video, you listen to.


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