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EP112: Chris Urso – From 0 to 1,800+ Multifamily Units (and How You Can…)

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Chris Urso is the founder of URS Capital Partners, a real estate investment company that controls over $100 million dollars worth of apartments throughout the U.S.. This is one of the reasons why Chris is the perfect guest on today’s show to be talking about how you can get into commercial real estate and multi-family homes.


Key Takeaways:

  • Have interest in commercial real estate? This is the episode for you.
  • What does Chris’s business look like today?
  • What attracted Chris to apartment buildings and multi-family properties?
  • Chris believes multi-family is one of the most stable asset classes out there.
  • What advice does Chris have for someone who wants to get into multi-family properties?
  • What should you do if you’re in a hot market?
  • If you’re already in the real estate game, then don’t make the mistake of starting too small.
  • How many units should a first time investor focus on?
  • Where does Chris find good multi-family deals?
  • What kind of things does Chris do to build great relationships with brokers?
  • When first developing these relationships, Chris would write down his elevator speech before making calls to brokers/other key players.
  • Chris shares his thoughts on multi-family market trends, and where they’ll be going. in the next couple of years.
  • Is passive income a myth?
  • What kinds of returns does Chris typically get his investors?
  • Chris offers some final pieces of advice for those newbies out there.


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“We are providing the inherent need of survival. Everyone will always need housing.”

“When you look at the history of multi-family, it’s the most stable asset class, when you look at vacancy rates.”

“Pick a strategy, pick a market, and be patient.”


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