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EP120: How To Light a FIRE Under Your Sales Team (and Motivated Seller Tips)

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Alex is back with another solo round for this week’s episode! Thank you so much for sending in your feedback. Just as a heads up, Alex has a bunch of exciting guest masterclasses lined up, so it’s not just going to be solo rounds from here on out. However, this week’s special because Alex’s team just got back from an important sales training event, and they’re on fire!


Key Takeaways:

  • Alex’s sales team just got back from John Martinez’s sales training event and they’re on fire.
  • Around 6 to 8 months ago, Alex said you want to send a minimum of 5 offers a day. Today? Alex is much more strategic with the offers he puts out there.
  • Remember, find out what the seller motivation is first.
  • Usually the first reason why they’re selling the house is not the REAL reason. You have to dig a little deeper.
  • It is critical to understand their pain points and then set them up for the future, aka what it’ll feel like, when their pain point disappears.
  • Now that Alex and his team are really qualifying their sellers, deals have been going through the roof.
  • What’s in store for next week’s masterclass?


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“John Martinez basically told us to not send offers to the non-motivated sellers.”

“Try to put less emphasis on the price the seller is looking for and focus more on why they’re selling.”

“There’s so many people out there telling you to send offers, and this is a counterintuitive approach.”


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