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EP128: Your Funding Challenge…SOLVED!

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Ross Hamilton is the CEO of Connected Investors, the world’s largest network of real estate investors. As someone who has been in the industry for over 10 years, Ross knows all the ins and outs on how to get that much-needed funding. He also has spent the last three years working on a product to make the lending/funding process much, much easier for both the lender and investor. Find out how you can get lenders to become crazy over your deals.

Key Takeaways:

  • The tables have turned… Private money lenders and hard money lenders are competing for your deals and business.
  • Today’s episode will be covering funding, and how you can get it!
  • Who is Ross and what does his business look like today?
  • The biggest problem Ross had when he first entered the real estate business was financing!
  • What’s the difference between hard money and private money?
  • From a lender’s point of view, what makes a good property?
  • Lenders want you to have skin in the game.
  • Plant seeds with your lenders even when you don’t have a deal or don’t need the money.
  • Hard money lenders are very motivated to lend money. There is more money in real estate than there are deals.
  • Have a great deal, but don’t have any private lenders? You still have options.
  • Ross has a pretty cool platform out that matches real estate investors with lenders.
  • When using Ross’s platform, what’s the average turnaround time to getting funding from a qualified/verified lender?
  • Funding hasn’t been easier!
  • The two biggest problems lenders have are scammers and dealing with inexperienced lenders/brokers.
  • It’s so, so important to verify your lender. Don’t work with someone you don’t know/trust, they could be stealing your info and trying to scam you!


Mentioned in This Episode:

Your Funding Problem… Solved. It’s a simple 3-step process: Apply. Choose. Close.

Click here to have lenders compete to fund your deals!




“Planting seeds with private lenders early is key.”

“There is more money in real estate than there are deals.”

“The biggest competition that lenders have is not each other. It’s scammers and inexperienced lenders or brokers.”


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