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EP161: Challenge Yourself to Think Bigger and Elevate Your Game

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Alex recently raised $15,000 for charity. This money will be used to buy toys for the children who were displaced by Hurricane Irma. However, to be completely honest, Alex was thinking too small about this charity event. His original idea was only going to generate a couple of hundred toys for these children, but by talking to his friend Mark Evans (who runs a very high-level business), he was able to think bigger and raise his game. Because of it, Alex is now able to donate a couple of thousand toys and will be able to help many more children.

In the meat and potatoes of the episode, Alex dives into how you can help your sellers not go through ‘seller’s remorse.’ This is something Alex and his team have been perfecting over the year and Alex shares the things they’ve been doing to not lose their sellers mid-way through a deal. These tactics are especially helpful in hot, hot markets!


Key Takeaways:

  • Thank you for your support! Hopefully you’ve had a great year and have become a better version of yourself!
  • A couple of weeks ago Alex and Eric Stark hosted their first holiday mastermind in the local South Florida area. They raised over $15k!
  • They will be donating this money to over 500 kids whose families were displaced by Hurricane Irma.
  • Alex credits Mark Evans for helping him think ‘bigger’ about to help these families.
  • Alex wants to challenge you to think bigger as we head into the new year.
  • Alex, Eric, and Mark are thinking about how they can 10x this charity event for the next year.
  • Have a conversation with someone who is operating on a higher level than you. They will help you elevate your game and help you think bigger.
  • Use your platform, like your social media accounts, for good.
  • Interested in what the charity work Eric is doing? Reach out to Alex!
  • How can you prevent seller’s remorse?
  • Before you sign that contract, make sure you get 100% buy-in from that seller.
  • Sellers can not take their signed contract seriously and they can really do damage/waste your time.
  • When you want to try to convince a seller to work exclusively with you, tell a cautionary (and true) story about the consequences. Alex shares an example of what he means by this.
  • After a successful closing, ask the seller for feedback! Ask them why they picked you over other people.
  • Always keep in contact and communicate with your seller. One of Alex’s transaction coordinators sometimes talks daily with their sellers.
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“I want you to think bigger heading to the new year. Think about where you’re playing small in your life/business.”

“That’s the power of association and just being friends with high-level thinkers. A rising tide lifts all boats.”

“To the degree where your business can serve a bigger purpose, you’re going to be that much more successful.”


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