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EP171: These 4 Words Will Take You To Your Promise Land in 2018 – CLARITY, FOCUS, EXECUTION, & CONSISTENCY

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Every year, Alex takes time to reflect on the good and the bad of the business and sets his new intentions for the new year. For this year’s theme, he has four words to help him: Clarity, Focus, Execution, and Consistency. When setting goals for 2018, make sure there’s a strong meaning and ‘why’ behind them. If things get tough and you don’t have the motivation to complete the tasks, your why is going to be what brings you back and pushing through the discomfort.


Key Takeaways:

  • Every year Alex takes time to reflect on his business. What worked and what didn’t work.
  • The word for 2017 was ‘consistency’ and followed through on this theme.
  • This year’s theme comes in four words: Clarity, Focus, Execution, and Consistency.
  • There are two main things Alex wants to focus on this year — growing his wholesaling business and serving you through this podcast.
  • With any business it can be boiled down to 3 things: lead generation, lead conversion, increasing your margins.
  • This year, Alex will have 4x the output he did in 2017.
  • After reading Traction, Alex is now implementing an EOS coach for the team.
  • When you look at your goals for 2018, ask yourself, “What’s going to be different?”
  • Alex wants to become a better leader this year and empower his team. He wants them to become better leaders and better versions of themselves.
  • When you empower your team, don’t take that autonomy away. Allow them to make mistakes.
  • Consistency is still so critical in everything that you do. That’s why it still remains in Alex’s theme for this year!
  • Make sure you have a strong ‘why’ behind your goals. This will help keep you motivated!
  • Push yourself when you don’t feel like working on a task. You will feel better after you complete it!


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“Chasing all these rabbits, you’re going to end up catching none.”

“You have to focus on one, maybe two things, at most.”

“When you look at your goals for 2018, ask yourself, ‘What’s going to be different?’”


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